Google AdWords and PPC Management

Google AdWords and PPC Management

Whether you have utilized AdWords in the past, or this is your first time trying a PPC “pay-per-click” campaign, it is always beneficial to have a professional analyze and manage your campaign. The easiest way to look at things is that if you are going to spend marketing dollars to drive traffic to your website you want the highest return on your investment. People don’t realize that even PPC campaigns are competitive. If you do business in a competitive market your campaign needs to be properly optimized in order to appear with or above your competitors for desirable search terms. Our online marketing team knows how to adapt to the numbers to get the best results possible.

Analysis and optimization

We begin by optimizing your campaigns to get the right message across in a way that is designed to convert. Our team also researches the best keywords to get the most visibility in front of your target customers. Our services don’t end after initial setup. Management means you adapt and change your campaign based on the results. This means adding or subtracting desired search terms based on conversion rates. it also means adding negative keywords for terms that do not relate to your business. An example of this would be a home air conditioning repair company putting forth efforts to not show up when someone searches for “car air conditioner repair” since they do not offer that service.

Other forms of advertisement management.

Although Google AdWords is our recommended means of driving traffic to your website above organic search engine results or local search, we do offer management of any online advertising campaign. Popular alternatives include Facebook advertising, Yelp advertising and even online directories like YellowPages. Different industries and online goals require different strategies. If you have any questions or concerns about online advertising and conversion rates please either fill out the contact form on this page or call our office at 801-871-5251. to speak with a professional today.


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