Utah Magento web design.

What is Magento and how do you use it?
Magento is a robust e-commerce website building platform. It is open source meaning the platform can be utilized by anyone to create a website. There are two versions of Magento. The first being Magento Enterprise edition, which is designed to have more scalability for fast-growing businesses. The second it the community edition which is tailored towards developers who know their way around Magento and can build within the platform.
Is this a good solution for your business?
Much like any content management system, there is going to be pros and cons when it comes to choosing a web solution platform. Ultimately the decision should be made when working in unison with a web developer. That being said it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of Magento as a website building platform.
The Pros
It is a powerful platform that is widely popular. It is projected that around 30% of all e-commerce websites are built using Magento. Since its’ creation back in 2008 it was quickly acquired by eBay, and they do a good job of maintaining and updating this platform.
Magento will grow with your business and your online e-commerce needs. Small businesses will be able to achieve their online goals by utilizing just the core functionality, while large businesses will find that Magento has all the necessary infrastructure to make a website as complex and functional as they need.